We have selfie songs, selfie web sites and even #selfie on Twitter. Look at any social media tool and you’ll likely encounter a daily dose of selfie postings. Some people purse their lips out, pose in their car, while others simply try to look sexy. It always makes you look twice when unintended people “photo bomb” a selfie- kids, grandpa, even strangers!

What is our fascination with self portraits as they were called before selfie entered our language? Is it because we’re obsessed with how we look? The billions of dollars spent on beauty products would suggest a resounding yes! Although it’s true the fixation on how we look is mostly vain, it can additionally be a reflection of our mental and physical health.

Isn’t it true, how we feel on the inside has a big impact on how we look on the outside? What If we put even 10% of the “selfie” energy (outside appearance) into caring for ourselves from the inside out? Undoubtedly, being healthy on the inside will make us look even better, in person or for a photo-op.

Selfies are about having fun and continuing our involvement in the social media revolution. Why not make sure you continuously feel great on the inside while having fun using Halotherapy? Halotherapy is about cleansing from the inside out. Simple and profound.  Get started today and see the results reflected in your next selfie.