How Does It Work?

The micro particles of salt are able to reach deep into the respiratory system and act as an anti-inflammatory for the entire system. It may clear out bad bacteria and any extra mucous blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles as well as the sinus cavities, leaving the “good” bacteria needed for optimum health completely intact. Clients report benefits within a few sessions and it is recommended to continue maintenance usage when you arrive at the level of wellness you desire or as needed with colds, flu symptoms, environmental factors and as a stress relief for more challenging times in our lives.

Regular usage has shown fewer colds and illnesses, improved overall wellness so try us today or read more data here National Institute of Health

Climate and Rooms

Clients may conveniently wear their regular clothing, no changing or showers are necessary. The humidity level is kept around 35%. The temperature of the chamber is kept around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. We offer two separate micro climates.

Why isn’t it a Cave? Not all Halotherapy is the same, some people don’t even use generators. Get educated today. Some places focus on the aesthetics of visual “cave like” scenery, we opted for what is known as “clean rooms” in the industry. In other words, five years ago, we decided to have the capability of cleaning the rooms from top to bottom frequently. When you have tons of salt on floors and walls, dust particles and other environmental factors can get trapped in the room preventing optimum breathing climates.

Salt Room #1 is a quiet-meditative chamber (starting on the hour/Adults only please) with soft music playing and dim lights for ultimate relaxation. Clients may read, journal or listen with headphones to your own device.

Salt Room #2 is our family, small groups, business meeting room, and Salt Seminar’s are held here. Either room is available for private bookings, call for pricing. Those who wish to visit, laugh, talk, or educate children while getting the therapy will enjoy room #2. We have many parent/child customers, as children can also benefit greatly from Halotherapy. Parent/Child groups are welcome, and there’s a children’s play area for the younger children, accompanied by parent or guardian.

We also offer VIP massage sessions in this room for single person or couples.

Each therapy room may be reserved for private or small group usage. Please call for details. 303-955-0061.

Physical Effects – What to Expect

Coughing is [initially] a very normal response and will subside quickly as the therapy itself gently cleanses the lungs, naturally, over the course of a few sessions. Following a session, clients may experience extra mucous discharge as the body is naturally expelling toxins from the lungs, this is normal. The treatments can be explained as a soft toothbrush gently brushing the inside of the lungs, releasing any buildup from years of pollutants. In Salt Room #1 deep relaxation may occur and some clients experience snoring. If you are sensitive to light sounds, please bring your own headphones or ear plugs for the most beneficial experience.

Store Location & Hours


NOTE: Week of 8/13-8/18/18 varying hours for Maintenance and cleaning, online booking up to date. Don’t see your time available? Email your appointment request to us


Our new location is in Centennial Corners:
10909 E. Arapahoe Pl.
Unit A4
Centennial, CO 80112